Lending Library

Our lending library of books and DVDs is a wonderful benefit to becoming a member of the Simi Valley Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation.  The library is available at all our meetings if you like to check out a book.   We ask for a security deposit for $25 for any book/DVD checked out.

If you click on the link of each book title below, you'll find more information about these books - many of them have 'Thumbs Up' or 'Thumbs Down' review from the Weston A. Price Foundation which helps you get the basic idea of the book.  They are on sale on line at the Weston A. Price Foundation in which the money goes directly to the Foundation. 

If you have any books that you want to loan, donate or check out, please contact us at wapfsimi@gmail.com.   We encourage you to also donate Thumbs Down or terrible books so folks may study them.  In the inside cover, we will paste the 'Thumbs Up' or 'Thumbs Down' review to help the reader understand the gist of the book.

Your membership donation helps us to continue to grow our library.

Thumbs Up Books Available (also for sale)

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price
Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig
Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Mary Enig
Cereal Killer by Alan Watson
Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel

Thumbs Down Books Available
The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan
The Raw Truth by Jordan Rubin

Other books available

The Whole Soy Story by Kaayla Daniel

DVDs Available

Food Inc.

Thumbs Up Books Not Yet Available

Know Your Fats by Mary Enig
Empires of Food by Evan D.G. Fraser and Andrew Rimas
The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball
The Case Against Fluoride by Paul Connett and James Beck
Carbohydrates Can Kill by Robert K. Su
Could It Be B12 by Sally Pacholok and Jeffrey Stuart
Meat: A Benign Extravagance by Simon Fairlie
Ignore the Awkward by Uffe Ravnskov
Disconnect by Devra Davis
The Age of Autism by Dan Olmstead and Mark Blaxill
The Art of Living Long by Luigi Cornaro
Nutrition's Playground
Changing Course for Life by Sir Julian Rose
The Obesity Epidemic by Zoe Harcombe
The Sheer Ecstacy of Being a Lunatic Farmer by Joel Salatin
Addiction: The Hidden Epidemic by Pam Killeen
The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson
Frugavore by Arabella Forge
Please Don ’t Eat the Wallpaper by Nancy Irven
The Call of the Land by Steven McFadden
Global Censorship of Health Information by Jonathan Emord
Saltwater Foodways by Sandra Oliver
Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms by Datis Kharrazian
Waste Not, Want Not by C. Anne Wilson
Milk Diet as a Remedy for Chronic Disease by Charles Sanford Porter
Protein Power Lifeplan by Michael and Mary Eades
GAPS Guide by Baden Lashkov
Everlasting Health by Robert Bernardini
When Hallelujah Becomes What Happened by Gregory Westbrook
The Great Cholesterol Con by Dr. Malcom Kendrick
Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life by Gerald Pollack
Primal Body - Primal Mind by Nora Gedgaudas
A Time for New Beginnings by Harold Buttram
The Trophoblast and the Origins of Cancer by Nicholas Gonzalez
Ten Acres is Enough by Edmund Morris
Tender Grassfed Meat by Stanley Fishman
Devil in the Milk by Keith Woodford
Fat : An Appreciation of a Misunderstod Ingredient by Jennifer McLagan
The Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza by Sandra Perko
The Liberation Diet by Kevin Brown
Our Daily Meds by Melody Petersen
The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith
Corrupt to the Core By Shiv Chopra
Breaking the Vicious Cycle By Elaine Gottschall
Change of Heart by Kay Baxter and Bob Corker 
Stuffed and Starved By Raj Patel 
Trick and Treat by Barry Groves
Healing Our Children by Rami Nagel
The Devil's Poison by Dean Murphy
Whole Foods Primer and Sweetener Trap by Beatrice Trum Hunter
Fat: It's Not What You Think by Connie Leas
Everything I Want to Do is Illegal by Joel Salatin
Politically Incorrect Nutrition by Michael Barbee
Put Your Heart in Your Mouth by Natasha Campbell-McBride
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver
Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes
What to Eat by Marion Nestle
Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Natasha Campbell-McBride
Book and Media Sources
Also Recommended
Something from the Oven by Laura Shapiro
Performance Without Pain by Kathryne Pirtle
The High Blood Pressure Hoax by Sherry A. Rogers
Fiber Menace by Konstantin Monastyrsky
Ten Days to Optimal Health by Kristina Amelong
Recipes for Life by Becky Mauldin
Full Moon Feast by Jessica Prentice
Real Food by Nina Planck
The Fish That We Eat by Anore Jones
Dying to Look Good by Christine Hoza Farlow
The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson
Fateful Harvest by Duff Wilson
Eat Here by Brian Halwell
Cancer Cause and Cure by Percy Weston
The Grassfed Gourmet by Shannon Hayes
Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier
The Whole Beast by Fergus Henderson
The Maker's Diet by Jordan Rubin
The Garden of Fertility by Katie Singer
The Truth About Children's Health by Robert Bernardini
The No-Grain Diet by Joseph Mercola
Keeping a Family Cow by Joann S. Grohman
Wild Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz
Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey Smith
The Schwarzbein Principle by Diana Schwarzbein
Life Without Bread by Wolfgang Lutz and Christian Allan
Our Stolen Future by Theo Colborn
Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine by Ron Schmid
Stolen Harvest by Vandana Shiva
Milk, Money, and Madness by Naomi Baumslag
Nutrition in Biblical Times by Ruth F. Rosevear
The Diet Cure by Julia Ross
The Cholesterol Myths by Uffe Ravnskov
Soil, Grass, and Cancer by Andre Voisin
The Milk Book by William Campbell Douglass
Excitotoxins by Russell Blaylock

Thumbs Down Books Not Yet Available

8 Weeks to Optimal Health by Andrew Weil
Big Fat Lies by Glenn A. Gaesser
Body By God by Ben Lerner
Catching Fire by Richard Wrangham
Children With Starving Brains by Jaquelyn McCandless
Deadly Feasts by Robert Rhodes
Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld
Eat Right 4 Your Type by Peter D'Adamo
Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman
Eat Up by Charlie Smigelski
Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy by Walter Willet
Everyday Cooking with Dr. Dean Ornish
Fad-Free Nutrition by Stare & Whelan
Fats that Kill, Fats that Heal by Udo Erasmus
Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition by Marilyn Shannon
Healing Secrets of Food by Deborah Kesten
Healthy at 100 by John Robbins
Healthy Kids by Marilu Henner
Honest Nutrition by Ira Edwards
Inflammation Nation by Floyd H. Chilton
Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money by Woody Tasch
Instinct Based Medicine by Dr. Leonard Coldwell
Mastering the Zone by Barry Sears
Minerals for the Genetic Code by Charles Walters
Nutrition and Evolution by Michael Crawford and David Marsh
Optimum Health by Stephen Sinatra
Perfect Balance by Robert A. Greene
Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell B. Esselstyn
Protein Power by Michael Eades and Mary Dan Eades
Real Food for Mother and Baby by Nina Planck
Smart Fats by Michael Schmidt
SPEED by Jeff Thiboutot and Matt Schoeneberger
Spent by Frank Lipman
Spoiled by Nichols Fox
Sugar Busters by H. Leighton Steward
The Anabolic Solution for Recreational and Competitive Bodybuilders By Mauro Di Pasquale
The Blue Zones By Dan Buettner
The Cholesterol Wars by Daniel Steinberg
The Compassionate Carnivore by Catherine Friend
The Fertility Diet by Jorge Chavarro
The Genotype Diet by Peter D'Adamo
The Homocysteine Revolution by Kilmer McCully
The Jungle Effect by Daphne Miller
The Omega Plan by Artemis Simopoulos and Jo Robinson
The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain
The Political Economy of Milk by James Maroney
The Rosedale Diet by Ron Rosedale
The Slow Poisoning of America by John and Michelle Erb
The South Beach Diet by Arthur Agatson
The Sunlight Solution by Laurie Winn Carlson
The Warrior Diet by Ori Hofmekler
The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by La Leche League International
The World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle PhD
Thrive With Diabetes by Laurence Chalem
Understanding Nutrition by Ellie Whitney and Sharon Rolfes
Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom by Christiane Northrup