Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Holiday Cookie Exchange

Holiday Cookie Exchange
Friday, December 9th at 7:00pm
Cardiobarre (next to Trader Joes)
2975 "B" Cochran Street, Simi Valley, CA 93065

Here’s the scoop:
Bring 7 dozen cookies/bars of the same variety and go home with 6 different dozen cookies. You will have some amazing assorted holiday cookie plates to give out as gifts! (Spend a few hours in the kitchen vs. a few days!) We will use 1 dozen as samples to share with each other with some organic fair trade coffee and apple cider. Yum! 
Make sure to include 6 copies of your detailed recipe with instructions. We really hope you can make it. Please follow the ingredient guidelines. RSVP to and let us know your cookie variety. Be creative! (We don’t want to end up with multiple versions of the same cookie.)
WAPF Ingredient Guidelines: Please use all sprouted/soaked flours (nut flours and nuts soaked/sprouted if possible), pastured dairy, natural sugars (maple syrup, stevia, coconut sugars, honey, sucanat, rapadura, etc…) aluminum free baking powder, sea salt, pastured eggs, pure vanilla, organic fruits and nuts, soy free chocolate, etc… 
DO NOT USE: refined flours or sugars, soy, table salt, imitation flavorings/extracts, or conventional dairy/eggs. We want to know that ALL the ingredients are WAPF-friendly so you can enjoy or give away these cookies with confidence, knowing the quality and nutrients represent your commitment to a traditional foods lifestyle. 

Coming in January 2012
Third Thursday Restaurant Reviews
Do you ever feel like you just need a night off from cooking, but there’s really nowhere worthwhile to eat? So do we! So beginning in January, you will be invited to meet up with us at a pre-determined restaurant (organic, grass fed, local/sustainable, etc...) to do a review from a WAPF perspective. You can tentatively mark your calendars for the Third Thursday of each month, 7:00pm for a night out with other real foodies to share some good food and help scout out worthwhile restaurants! We will keep it budget minded and it will be for adults only. If you have any suggestions for restaurants e-mail them to us at More information to follow.