Monday, January 16, 2012

Third Thursday Restaurant Reviews

Third Thursday Restaurant Reviews
Thursday, January 19th
7:00 PM

What? You are invited to meet up with us at a pre-determined restaurant to conduct a restaurant review from a WAPF perspective.  We will select the restaurant based on specific criteria such as:  carries either organic, grass fed beef, pastured pork or poultry, local ingredients if possible, obtains food from a sustainable farm, etc... All restaurant reviews will be included on our website.
Location?  Restaurants will be within a 50-mile radius.  We will definitely try and scout out the ones close to home.
Price?  We will keep it budget minded, $15-$20 per person.
Menu?  We will be ordering the dishes ahead of time.  It will NOT be a full dinner, (so don't come starving) but will be a tasting menu.  We will sample and share the appetizers or dishes.  Any beverages (alcoholic or non) need to be put on a separate tab, as we will split the bill equally.  This is a group event, so NO individual ordering.
RSVP before Friday, January 13th.  Once you RSVP, we will provide you with the restaurant location details.
If you have any suggestions for restaurants please e-mail them to us at

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